One big restaurant

On the teeming savannah of information, the voracious writer-algorithm collects vile supposition, treacherous statistics and damned facts, and uses them to create and publish its 4,000th optimally relevant news article of the day on Media Outlet Inc’s website and associated content nodes.

On behalf of the news article’s target audience, curious reader-algorithms examine it and assess its relevancy. Finding the news article sub-optimally relevant, the reader-algorithms discard it and do not alert the target audience to its existence.

The reader-algorithms do, however, transmit feedback to the writer-algorithm informing it of why the news article was deemed sub-optimally relevant. The writer-algorithm assimilates this feedback, along with the facts, supposition and statistics, and creates and publishes its next optimally relevant news article on Media Outlet Inc’s website and associated content nodes.

Meanwhile, other writer-algorithms feed on the limbs, flesh and sweetbreads of the old news article in order to sustain them in the rearing of their own young. But apex predator reader-algorithms lie in wait. All across this creation, the newly born young mewl “be the first to like this” but are devoured unseen and unheard.

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