1. Requirements

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Editors (ICMJE) model

  1. Format
  2. Introduction
  • Title. 15 words as limit. Do not use abbreviations.
  • Short title: 8 words as limit.
  • Authors: include paternal surname, maternal, name, initials of the next name of all authors, as well as the name and location of the department or institution where the work was performed.
  • Correspondence: include address, telephone number, fax number and email of the author responsible for the publication.


  1. Summary
  • Approximate length: 200 words.
  • In Spanish and English.
  • Organize according to objective, design, material and methods, results and conclusions.
  • Do not use abbreviations or cite references.
  • Keywords in Spanish and English.
  • The terms should correspond to the words published in the Medical Subject Headings of Index Medicus .


  1. Research
  • Describe the ethical guidelines followed for studies in humans or animals. Cite the approval of the institutional research and ethics committees.
  • Describe the statistical methods used.
  • Omit names, initials or file numbers of the patients studied.
  • Identify drugs and chemicals used by their generic name.


  1. References
  • Cite the references according to the order of appearance in the text, using consecutive Arabic numerals.




  1. Smith SD, Jones, AD. Organ donation. N Engl J Med 2001; 657: 230-5.
  2. Brown JG. Suffocation. Med J Aust. 2003; 432: 120-4.


  • The abbreviations of the publications must be the official ones and agree with those used in the Index Medicus .






Last name of the author Name initials, Last name Second author Name initials. Title of the article: subtitle. Name of abbreviated publication. Year of publication Month abbreviated Day; Volume (Number): p.




  1. Smithline HA, Mader TJ, Ali FM, Cocchi MN. Clinical Intuition vs. Validated qualifying systems. N Engl J Med 2003 Apr 4; 21 (2): 161-2.


Only the first word of the title and proper names are capitalized. Only the first six authors are listed: if they are more the term is used and cols. (“And collaborators”). If the publication has continuous numbering in all its numbers, the month and number can be omitted.


Example of continuous numbering and more than six authors:


  1. Gao SR, McGarry M, Ferrier TL, Pallante B, Gasparrini B, Fletcher JR, et al. Effect of cell confluence on the cloning of mice. Biol Reprod. 2003; 68 (2): 595-603.

 Organization as author 

  1. Research Group on Diabetes Prevention. Hypertension, insulin and proinsulin in participants with low glucose tolerance. Hypertension. 2002; 40 (5): 679-86.

 Individuals and organizations as authors 

  1. Vallancien G, Emberton M, Harving N, van Moorselaar RJ; Alpha-One Study Group. Sexual dysfunction in men. J Urol 2003; 169 (6): 2257-61.

 No related author 

  1. Research in cardiology for the 21st century. BMJ. 2002; 325 (7357): 184.

 Articles in Foreign Languages 

  1. Ellingsen AE, Wilhelmsen I. Sykdomsangst blant medisin- og jusstudenter. Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 2002; 122 (8): 785-7. Norwegian.


Optional translation of the title of the article in brackets (recommended when it is a language other than Spanish or English):


  1. Ellingsen AE, Wilhelmsen I. [Anxiety in medical students and law]. Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 2002 Mar 20; 122 (8): 785-7. Norwegian.

Number with supplement 

  1. Glauser TA. Integrating data from clinical trials into clinical practice. Neurology. 2002; 58 (12 Suppl 7): S6-12.


Last name of the author / publisher / compiler, Initials. Title of the book. Edition number [if not the first]. Place of publication: Editorial; year.


Note: Only the first word of the title and proper nouns are capitalized.


  1. Carlson BM. Human embryology. 3rd ed. Barcelona: Mosby; 2004.

 Editor the compiler as author

  1. Brown AM, Stubbs DW, compilers. Medical Psychology. New York: Wiley; 1983.

Author and publisher

  1. Breedlove GK, Schorfheide AM. Pregnancy in adolescence. 2nd ed. Wieczorek RR, publisher. White Plains (NY): March of Dimes Education Services; 2001.

Chapter of the book 

Last name of the author Initials of the name. Title of chapter. In: Publisher’s last name, publisher. Title of the book. Edition number [if not the first]. Place of publication: Editorial; year. Chapter pages.

  1. Blaxter PS, Farnsworth TP. Health by social classes and inequality. In: Carter C, Peel JR, editors. Equity and inequity in health. 2nd ed. London: Academic Press; 1976. p. 165-78.

 Published conference

Last name of the author Initials of the name. Title of the conference. In: Name of the editor Initials of the name, publisher. Name of the congress;   Date of the conference; Place of publication: Editorial; Year. pages

  1. Anderson JC. Biopsy study. In: Tudenhope D, Chenoweth J, editors. Procedures of the 4th Congress of the Society of Australian Perinatology; 1986: Brisbane: Australian Perinatal Society; 1987. p. 190-6.

 Article in newspaper 

Last name of the author Initials of the name. Article title. Name of the newspaper. Year month day; Section. Page (column).

  1. Hernández A. Medical advances reduce the rate of homicides. Reform. 2002 Oct 12; A: 2 (col. 4).

  Electronic Resources CD / DVD  


After the title the nature of the resource between brackets is specified: [CD] or [DVD].




  1. Collier L, Balows A, Sussman M, editors. Microbiology and bacterial infections [CD-ROM]. 9ª ed. London: Arnold; 1998.

 Articles on the Internet 


Last name of the author Initials of the name. Article title. Abbreviated name of digital publication [Internet]. Year of publication month day [quoted in Year Month Day]; Volume Number: [approximate number of windows]. Available at: URL.




  1. Aylin P, Bottle A, Jarman B, Elliott, P. Mortality from pediatric cardiac surgeries in England. BMJ [Internet]. 2004 Oct 9; [quoted 2004 October 15]; 329: [10 windows]. Available at:


Note: The publication date of the article can be omitted if it is not available. The date when it was quoted can not be omitted in any case.

Book or monograph on the Internet 



  1. Donaldson MS, editor. Measuring the quality of health systems [Internet]. Washington: Academic Press; 1999 [quoted 2004 Oct 8]. Available at:


Name of the site [Internet]; Place of publication; Name of Author, Publisher or Organization that publishes it. [Updated Year Month Day; Quoted Year Month Day]. Available at: URL. Example:

  1. Heart Center Online [Internet]. Boca Raton, FL: Medical Society Inc .; C2000-2004 [updated 2004 May 23; Quoted Oct. 2004 15]. Available at:


Note: For any other case not referenced here please consult the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (EU).


  1. Pictures


  • Check that the information contained in the tables is not repeated with the text or figures.
  • Numbered according to their order of appearance in the text.
  • The title of each table must in itself explain its content and allow it to be correlated with the bounded text.


  1. Figures


  • Photographs, drawings, graphs and diagrams are considered as such.
  • The information they contain should not be repeated in the text or in tables.


  1. Pictures


  • Of excellent quality, in black and white, in glossy paper post size (12.5×8.5 cm), avoiding excessive contrasts. Each one will be affixed on the back a label with the orientation mark that will have the photograph in the article,   the surname of the first author and number of the figure.

III. Extension of manuscripts:

  • Original articles up to 3,000 words in total
  • Review article 1,500 words in total
  • Clinical case (family health study) 3,500 words in total
  • Topics of interest 1,500 words in total
  • Identify the case 500 words in total
  • Letters to the editor 500 words in total
  1. Sending A copy of the complete paper must be sent by e-mail to Editorial Coordinator ( ) in the following format:
  • Double space with margins of 2.5 cm in letter size paper (28 x 21.5cm). · Manuscript in separate sheets: cover, abstracts and key words (English and Spanish), text of the article, references, tables, figures and their legends.
  • Consecutive numbering, in the upper right corner, of each page, beginning with the cover page.

·         Cite references, tables and figures consecutively and as they appear in the text. The person responsible for the publication must send a letter of transfer of rights to Family Care (see format on this same page) signed by all authors of the article . You must also confirm that you have the written permission of all persons to whom recognition is offered and mentioned in the article.